Search Department of ByteDance Starts Recruitment

On August 1, ByteDance posted a recruitment notice, announcing that their online search department is looking for new talent.

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According to the company’s public notice, the search department of ByteDance is a strong backup force for several renowned apps developed by the company including the news aggregator app Toutiao as well as short video apps like ixigua and TikTok. The department aims to power the searching functions of all product lines under ByteDance.

“We will build a general search engine with more favorable user experiences from zero to one,” the notice proclaimed.

According to media reports in March this year, ByteDance has been accelerating its entry into the search field, and it was reported that Wu Kai, former product manager of 360 Search, has joined the ByteDance team. He will be responsible for the whole search business of the company.

An insider from 360 Group told China Business Network, “many people from our company have left to work at ByteDance, I’m already used to this type of news.”

In fact, ByteDance has made earlier attempts at improving its search functions. In 2017, Toutiao made explosive progress in content distribution, with a development of a comprehensive system of searchable content including videos, pictures, users and Q&A’s. Later, in the 5.9.8 version of the app, the search function was introduced, and users were able to search all sorts of information using keywords.