SenseTime Releases AI Chinese Chess Robot

On August 9, SenseTime, an artificial intelligence software company, held a new product launch event and launched its first household consumer artificial intelligence product – “SenseRobot”, an AI Chinese chess-playing robot. This product combines traditional Chinese chess culture and artificial intelligence technology. The PRO version of the “SenseRobot” retails for 2,499 yuan ($370.07) while the standard version costs 1,999 yuan ($296.03).

“SenseRobot” includes a variety of modes, such as AI learning, endgame challenge, Chinese chess breakthrough, and peak challenge. It can introduce and explain the culture, rules and skills of each Chinese chess piece for children without any prior knowledge, which can not only exercise their thinking ability, but also improve their cultural literacy.

In addition, the robot also brings more than 100 endgame settings and 26 levels of Chinese chess games so that users can not only experience the real feel of playing Chinese chess with their hands, but also play mind-stimulating games as well.

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The “SenseRobot” is able to achieve a great level of accuracy to ensure a smooth operation and accurate playing experience with Chinese chess. Not only that, the robot has also been certified and authorized by the Chess and Cards Management Center of the State Sports General Administration of Sport of China and Chinese Xiangqi Association, providing professional courses for users, and realizing the official Chinese chess examination and evaluation of 16-13 levels at home, and obtaining the requisite professional certificates.

Li Xu, Chairman and CEO of SenseTime, expressed the hope that through artificial intelligence technology, a robot that can truly “think” and “act” will be built, so that industrial AI technology can be present in thousands of households, eliminate the digital divide, and build an emotional bridge with technology.