SenseTime Unveils AI Nursing System for ALS Patients

Chinese AI company SenseTime on Wednesday unveiled and delivered to patients a self-developed intelligent nursing system for patients with ALS. The new product uses AI technology to bring warmth to those suffering from the progressive nervous system disease.

SenseTime’s AI Intelligent Nursing System is a technical solution for ALS patients, which can provide 24-hour contactless care for individuals experiencing mobility inconvenience, dysphagia and dyspnea. While monitoring the physiological indicators of patients in real time, it also has functions including emergency warning, active calling, sleep analysis, abnormal statistical detection and so on, which can provide long-distance care for ALS patients.

(Source: SenseTime)

The system is based on computer vision technology, which can keenly capture the painful expressions of patients who have lost speech and mobility, and can notify nursing staff to deal with any critical situations within three seconds, avoiding risks to patients’ lives. In addition, this system can accurately track physiological indexes such as respiratory and heart rates, giving a warning when abnormal body indexes, particularly a stop in breathing, are observed.

The system uses multispectral imaging sensors, which is not affected by illumination conditions. It can support 24-hour work, and brings a non-invasive and contactless physiological index monitoring method for ALS patients. By collecting information including the body surface temperature and the fluctuation degree of the chest cavity of patients, it can quickly and accurately identify physiological indexes such as respiration and heart rates of the patient.

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SenseTime was established in 2014. Its co-founder and director is Tang Xiao’ou, who remains a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Department of Information Engineering. Headquartered in Hong Kong and Shanghai, the company is an AI software provider in the fields of computer vision and deep learning. On December 30, 2021, it was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx).

On February 24, the company released its “2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report” for the first time, in which Li Xu, Chairman and CEO of SenseTime, expressed the hope that through the company’s efforts, everyone can see the value brought by artificial intelligence to life.