SenseTime’s AI Technology Enables Intelligent Security Check-in System

SenseTime, the world’s most valued artificial intelligence (AI) startup, recently formed a partnership with Beijing Capital International Airport Company to create a smart security check-in system for Daxing Airport, the capital’s new airport is currently under construction. The aim is to improve operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

AI technology backed by SenseTime will be used in the self-verification process through face recognition. Dynamic face recognition based on AI technology will be the first time to use biometric features as key information during the security screening process in China’s civil aviation industry.

Dynamic face recognition based on AI technology (photo source: SenseTime)

In 2018, the number of annual passengers at the capital airport exceeded 100 million, posing a challenge to the operation efficiency, safety and service quality. With manual operation, problems such as unmatched luggage, stringent safety management and poor travel experience are commonplace.

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With the new smart security check-in system, passengers, tickets and ID documents are automatically linked together. When a passenger enters the luggage check-in area, biometric features are used as tags to match the passenger to their luggage.

SenseTime’s smart security check-in system for Daxing Airport (photo source: SenseTime)

Based on test results, the passenger and luggage match process has a success rate of over 99 percent. Efficiency will also be improved significantly. For every hour, 600 pieces of luggage can be processed, and 260 people can be checked in, up from the current 180 per hour.

In addition to AI technology, the latest IoT technology, intelligent photo recognition technology and automatic sorting technology are in place to make the process intelligent and automatic.

Featured photo credit to SenseTime