Sensor Tower: 34 Chinese Companies Among Top 100 Revenue-Generating Mobile Game Publishers

According to the global revenue list of Chinese mobile game publishers in December 2021 released by the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Platform on Thursday, a total of 34 Chinese manufacturers made the Top 100 global mobile game publishers’ revenue list, with total revenue of about $2.1 billion, accounting for 35.6% of the global mobile game publishers’ revenue.

Tencent, NetEase and MiHoYo were among the Top 3 on the list for Chinese mobile game publishers in the month of December 2021. Perfect World in particular had an outstanding month as its title “Tower of Fantasy”, help increase the company’s revenue by 106.4%. This jump in revenue pushed the game publisher up 10 places to settle at 11th place.

Since its launch in February 2021, Leiting Games’ “One Mind Happy” has been among the top ten best-selling mobile games in China. With the launch of the traditional Chinese version in October 2021, the game’s revenue in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan continued to grow, ranking 14th.

Two new games, “Wulin Idle Man” and “Moon and Heart in Huayi Mountain”, both of which were recently launched by Nuverse, ranked 19th and helped bolster Nuverse’s revenue by 21.5%. Among them, the income of “Moon and Heart in Huayi Mountain” increased 122% month-on-month, making it the mobile game with the highest revenue in December.

Thanks to the Japanese versions of “Fate/Grand Order”, “Blue Route” and “Artery Gear: Fusion”, Bilibili‘s domestic and overseas revenue increased by 42.4%, putting it at number 22 on the list.

The revenue of “King’s Choice”, an imperial simulation game published by ONEMT, ranked 27th, and continued to increase. Revenue increased by 17% month-on-month. “King’s Choice” focuses on European and American markets with its three biggest markets being the United States, Germany and France, accounting for 65.4%, 9.3% and 6.4% of its revenue respectively.

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In addition, revenue for Tencent‘s “PUBG Mobile” increased by 15% in December, benefiting from in-game activities. While the opening of its 2021 Carnival saw revenue for NetEase‘s classic IP mobile game “Dream Westward Journey” increase by 39% month-on-month in December, returning it to the Top 3 of the best-selling list.