Seven Chinese Entrepreneurs Listed in Fortune’s ‘40 under 40’ for 2020

Fortune on Thursday unveiled its ‘40 under 40’ list for 2020, which included seven Chinese entrepreneurs.

In previous years, only 40 influential people were listed every year, covering a variety of sectors such as business, art, politics, among others.

The list became longer this year, however.

This time, Fortune highlighted 40 influential people in each of the five categories, including finance, technology, healthcare, government and politics, and media and entertainment.

The magazine justified this break from convention on the grounds that “it’s been a year of monumental challenges and change, and just one list of 40 merging leaders wouldn’t be enough.”

The seven Chinese business leaders on the list are from the categories of technology, healthcare and finance.

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In the technology realm, four Chinese individuals were listed, including Wu Tian, corporate vice president of Baidu, Su Hua, founder and CEO of video sharing mobile app Kuaishou, Cindy Mi, co-founder and CEO of Beijing-based online education startup VIPKid, and Liu Yachao, COO and co-founder of TAL Education Group.

Furthermore, two belong to the healthcare sector, namely Luhan Yang, CEO of Qihan Biotech, and Ma Chun’e, founder and CEO of Shunkun Technologies.

Yang Bing, the CEO of OceanBase, was the only Chinese entrepreneur to be listed within the sphere of finance. OceanBase is a distributed and scalable relational database developed by Alibaba’s affiliate Ant Group, which is aiming for dual-listing later this year.

“Current geopolitics may make it hard to crack the U.S., but it’s not hard to imagine OceanBase playing the same role elsewhere around the globe. That possibility could help whet investor appetites for Ant Group’s impending massive IPO,” Fortune commented on Yang and OceanBase.