Shandong Lanxiang Tech School to Cooperate with QG E-Sports: Train 2,000 Gamers

Shandong Lanxiang Senior Technical School drew attention with its decision to invest 10 million yuan in a new e-sports major and related facilities in September. Lanxiang said it would subsequently invest more than another 10 million yuan in constructing venues and setting up a team for competitions.

Today, Lanxiang and QG E-Sports Club announced a strategic cooperation to create the most influential and the most professional domestic e-sports training platform. The school and club will train e-sports fans according to their own characteristics and interests, so as to train professional players and promote the development of e-sports in China.

QG is one of the most famous e-sports clubs in China. Its QGhappy Arena of Valor has dual championships within its division, including the 2017 KPL Arena of Valor League and Arena of Valor Champions League.

The QG LOL Devision received third place at the 2015 DE Marcia, a championship title at LSPL Spring, runner-up at the LPL Summer league, runner-up at IEM Cologne, a “most improved club award,” and a championship at the 2016 LSPL Summer.

Paladins Division qualified for the international invitational tournament in 2016 and won third place at the 2017 International Invitational Tournament.

Founded in 1984, Lanxiang is a modern and comprehensive private vocational technical college approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The school has five campuses, covering an area of more than 66 hectares, with a construction area of nearly 400,000 square meters, more than 30,000 students and 1,500 faculty and staff.

The e-sports school is a subordinate department in Lanxiang. It has a professional training base, supporting facilities and curriculum system The school has an e-sports practitioner class and professional class, aiming to cultivate e-sports professionals and employees. The school also set up a Lanxiang E-sports Youth Camp.

The school will also install a 3,000-square-meter teaching space in the computer building as a classroom for practitioners. The four floors and five floors of the reception center will be fully used. A total of 6,000 square meters will be used as training base for the youth e-sports training camp. Some 10,000 square meters in the 14th apartment will be used as a student dormitory.

The e-sports school is committed to training the next generation of e-sports players and youths. In the future, it will have more than 2,000 students and at least 35 classes. This is the talent advantage Lanxiang has, which most domestic e-sports club don’t have.

Lanxiang e-sports club has three teams: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Arena of Valor and LOL. The goal for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is to qualify as a professional league team within one year; for Arena of Valor the goal is to compete in KPL in a year; and for LOL the goal is to participate in a professional league within a year.

The company owner of Lanxiang e-sports club completed A round of financing and is now valued at 300 million yuan. It aims to make a public stock offer within the next five years.

This article originally appeared in ifeng and was translated by Pandaily.