Shanghai Promotes Development of Electronic Information Industry

On Thursday, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information issued the “14th Five-Year Plan” document, aimed at the development of the electronic information industry in the city, proposing to take integrated circuits as the core in the field of digital manufacturing.

According to the plan, by 2025, a world-class digital industry cluster with global influence and competitiveness is expected to be initially built. The scale of Shanghai’s electronic information industry is planned to exceed 2.2 trillion yuan ($345 billion), of which the revenue of software and information service industry exceeds 1.5 trillion yuan. The industry will basically undergo independent development, and the ability of technological innovation will be significantly improved, representing China to participate in international competition and cooperation, forming a relatively complete industrial ecosystem.

In addition, it is planned to build 35 leading enterprises with annual income exceeding 10 billion yuan, 50 innovative manufacturing enterprises with independent innovation capability and leading technologies in China, and 330 listed firms in the industry of software and information service, which will also enhance the stability of the industrial chain.

The plan mentioned that companies are expected to focus on leading technology areas and promote the development capability of common basic technologies.

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In terms of integrated circuits, the Shanghai government will focus on promoting independent innovation of integrated circuits. It also plans to accelerate research of key technologies and advanced manufacturing processes, increase production capacity, and upgrade the whole industrial chain of chips. The body plans to form a world-class integrated circuit industry system with advanced technologies, a complete industrial chain and supporting facilities, aiming at the sustainable development of the electronic information industry.

For the development of basic support, the organ plans to focus on communication equipment, and will strive to promote key technological innovation breakthroughs and coordinated development of industrial chains.

The commission is also expected to promote innovation in fields such as the  internet of things, intelligent equipment and devices, intelligent sensing, ultra-high definition video, smart health and elderly care. Among them, specific requirements have been made for the development of each field.