SHEIN: 7 Months At the Top of Global Shopping App Rankings

Recently, the overseas authoritative institution PYMNTS released the global shopping app rankings for February. Chinese cross-border e-commerce platform SHEIN has topped the list for the seventh consecutive month, scoring 89 points in total. AliExpress and ranked second and fourth respectively, while Amazon came in third with a comprehensive score of 82 points.

According to reports, in recent years, the popularity and influence of SHEIN in the global market have further increased. Its self-owned clothing brand SHEIN has become one of the top four global fashion brands alongside ZARA, Uniqlo, and H&M. Its open platform model is also expanding continuously, with more and more Chinese sellers reaching overseas retail markets through SHEIN to achieve global sales success.

As a leading domestic cross-border e-commerce platform, SHEIN has been accelerating its efforts to assist more Chinese companies and brands in going global since last year. Recently, Eastern Airlines’ logistics subsidiary signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with SHEIN, intending to deepen cooperation through enriching route networks, expanding charter business, strengthening logistics layout in South China and overseas markets, etc., continuously promoting high-quality Chinese products and brands to the international market.

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