SHEIN Launches New Eco-Friendly Clothing Line evoluSHEIN

Cross-border fast fashion e-commerce platform SHEIN announced on April 28 that it has launched a new product line called “evoluSHEIN,” which commenced sales globally on April 29.

The first batch of 170 products launched by evoluSHEIN covers major categories of women’s clothing, such as tops, dresses and trousers, and the platform will deliver larger sizes this summer. By the end of September this year, the evoluSHEIN series will expand to at least 1,500 products. SHEIN also plans to further enrich the series of environmentally friendly fabrics and other certification programs for recycled fibers.

(Source: SHEIN)

This series is available in multiple sizes and adopts environmentally friendly raw materials, which can not only satisfy the moral requirements of consumers, but also takes into account cost performance. In addition, the evoluSHEIN series has reached a cooperation with Vital Voices, an international non-profit organization, to help women actively face challenges of gender violence, the climate crisis and economic inequality.

The first clothing released by evoluSHEIN will use recyclable polyester fiber, which is extracted from plastic waste. Reducing waste and introducing recyclable materials are the key pillars of SHEIN’s sustainable fashion. The company added that evoluSHEIN represents a market test, and these innovative methods will be adopted in more of its series.

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The products and packaging of the evoluSHEIN series will be produced by suppliers certified by the Global Recycled Standard. This standard traces the recyclability of materials used at all stages of the supply chain, setting strict social and environmental requirements.

Adam Whinston, Global Head of ESG at SHEIN, said that the company will strive to build a more responsible fashion ecosystem, and the launching of evoluSHEIN is an important step in its commitment to sustainable development.

It is worth mentioning that some media reports have emerged recently claiming that SHEIN is seeking a new round of financing of $1 billion, giving the firm an overall valuation of about $100 billion.