SiEngine Technology Releases 7nm Car-Level Intelligent Cockpit Chip, Targeting High-End Automotive Chip Market

On December 10, SiEngine Technology, an automotive electronic chip developer, officially released the automotive chip brand “DragonHawk” and its intelligent cockpit chip “DragonHawk 1.”

It is understood that DragonHawk 1 is the only 7nm chip produced by TSMC in China, which integrates functions such as speech recognition, gesture control, LCD instrument, HUD, DMS and ADAS integration, and integrates “one chip, multiple screens and multiple systems” for intelligent cockpits.

In addition, the chip has eight built-in CPU cores, 14 GPU cores, and eight TOPS int8 programmable convolution neural network engines, which means it can provide surging computing power at full time and at full speed. The chip features a built-in independent Security Island, provides high-performance encryption and decryption engine, supports SM2, SM3, SM4 and other domestic cryptographic algorithms, and supports secure startup, secure debugging, secure OTA updates and more.

In the third quarter of 2022, “DragonHawk 1” will enter mass production and will be loaded in the planned amount before the end of 2022. The first model to be loaded in mass production is a model by Geely. In addition, other Geely models will be equipped with chips of SiEngine Technology one after another. SiEngine Technology predicts that by 2023, at least two or three car companies will choose SiEngine’s “DragonHawk 1” solution.

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SiEngine Technology was established in 2018 with joint funding from ECARX Technology and Arm China, while ECARX Rule was jointly founded by Li Shufu and Shen Ziyu, so SiEngine is actually an important starting point for Geely to take on the automobile chips market. At present, SiEngine Technology mainly has three product lines: Intelligent Cockpit Chips, Automated Driving Chips and Vehicle Central Processing Unit Chips. The release of the 7nm intelligent cockpit chip indicates that Geely has taken the first successful step of core building.

Gan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Auto Group, said that intelligence will be the core technology that Geely develops integrating the group’s resources in the next five years. To enable users a better intelligent experience, the key lies in chips, software operating systems, and technical data, among which chips can be described as the cornerstone and driving force of intelligent technology ecological network. The release of “DragonHawk 1” means that Geely will assure its users of a better digital and intelligent experience.