SKYWORTH Gets “Closer to Reality” With New Lineup of 4K TVs and Gaming Monitor

Leading Chinese television brand SKYWORTH held its annual Autumn Product Launch event on Thursday in Beijing, revealing three new TV models and a new gaming monitor.

Under the theme of “Closer to Reality,” the brand introduced the all-new SKYWORTH S82, a 4K OLED TV featuring an exceptional display with superior color solutions, and the SKYWORTH Q72, a 4K SmartMiniLED TV that pushes the boundaries of technology to deliver advanced LED dimming technologies.

The brand also announced the launch of the SKYWORTH A20 Pro, a 4K 120Hz flicker-free TV with an ADS panel featuring the flagship SoC, and the SKYWORTH G90, a 4K OLED gaming monitor specifically designed to meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts.

(Source: Skyworth)

Tony Wang, Chairman of SKYWORTH TV said, “We are proud of our latest product innovations and our continued commitment to delivering breakthroughs in picture and audio quality. Our TV business saw considerable growth in the first half of 2021; we recorded a YoY increase in global sales revenue of 33.1%, with overseas sales revenue recording an impressive YoY rise of 68%.”

The SKYWORTH S82 is the latest addition to the firm’s S series, which inherits the same design spirit of the existing lineup and features a slim 4K OLED display and enhanced picture quality. Equipped with a high color accuracy of △E0.86 and available in 55” and 65” models, the S82 delivers vivid colors and true-to-life pictures, ensuring users can get closer to reality and experience every detail in stunning clarity.

Powered by the latest flagship 8K SoC, integrating a multi-core CPU, GPU, and a dedicated AI processing unit (APU), the SKYWORTH Q72 is the latest SmartMiniLED TV under the brand’s Q (Quality) series. In partnership with leading display solutions company BOE, it adopts CoG (chip-on-glass) MiniLED technology, featuring 20,736 backlights across 2,304 zones to enhance local dimming, ensuring delicate, vibrant picture quality and advanced display performance.

Besides, SKYWORTH also announced the launch of the A20 Pro and G90, aiming to meet the needs of entertainment buffs and gaming fans worldwide.

The SKYWORTH A20 Pro is a 4K 120Hz LCD TV with an ADS panel and an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio of 99%, featuring an AI picture quality engine 4K version, MEMC (motion estimate and motion compensation), a VRR all the way from the port to the latest SoC, Dolby Atmos, HDMI 2.1 and Wi-Fi 6 connection for a premium user experience that is flicker-free.

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The SKYWORTH G90 is a 48-inch 4K 120Hz OLED gaming monitor with a screen ratio of 16:9, featuring a VRR all the way from the port to the SoC, Dolby Atmos, HDMI 2.1 and Wi-Fi 6 connection, anti-glare technology and eyecare mode.

The new TVs and monitor will be launched in Chinese mainland initially, with the overseas roll-out plans to be announced in due course.