Skyworth VR Releases PANCAKEXR Brand and New VR Products

On July 25, Skyworth VR revealed a new brand called PANCAKEXR and the new PANCAKE 1 series which will be priced from 2999 yuan ($444.55).

At the conference, Li Wenquan, general manager of Skyworth VR, reviewed the development history of the company. The team has more than 200 patents and launched many products such as Skyworth S802, Skyworth V901 and Skyworth S6Pro. By October 2021, the company’s cumulative shipments exceeded 100,000 units.

The volume of PANCAKE 1 is only a quarter of traditional Fresnel lenses and the thickness is reduced by more than 50%. The weight of 189g solved a problem that many users found uncomfortable when wearing VR glasses. The PANCAKE 1 is equipped with a popular configuration: self-developed 6DoF VSLAM algorithm and XR2 platform, as well as fisheye camera. In terms of battery life, PANCAKE 1 uses the QC3.0 fast charger and is matched with a 5500mAH super-large battery.

Li said that PANCAKEXR’s content ecology will mainly focus on five aspects: education, video, games, social interaction and fitness.

In terms of education, the PANCAKE 1 will launch contents including popular science, party building, English education and more. In terms of videos, PANCAKE 1 is equipped with more than 200 5A-level scenic spot’s panoramic 8K videos, and will add a new video every week.

In terms of games, the PANCAKE 1 will have more than 40 games when it is officially launched, and the app store will keep updating 1-2 games every week. Game types include FPS, music, 2D interactive, leisure, action sports games and many others.

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To provide a more friendly and humanized interactive experience, Zhang Yi, head of Skyworth VR Software, showed a new generation of SkyOS operating system specially designed for VR applications. There are VR assistant, voice assistant, multiplayer cinema, mall and more apps in the operating system. Users can also enjoy social interaction in the virtual world. The company also provided a wider range of customized services for enterprise customers.