Smart Logistics Platform Super Camel Closes Nearly $10 Million in Financing

Super Camel, an intelligent freight services platform, announced it has obtained nearly $10 million in pre-A round financing. The lead investor was BlueRun Ventures and the co-investor was Chuxin Capital. The new funds are mainly to be allocated for the development of an intelligent dispatching system and the promotion of unmanned vehicles.

Established in September 2021, Super Camel is operated by Zhongjun Leitu Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. It focuses on dispatching a mixture of three-wheeled vehicles and unmanned vehicles in the field, using an AI intelligent dispatching system in professional wholesale markets. It also can transfer commodities to logistics companies, as well as bringing same-city LTL and intra-provincial special line business online and standardized, so as to build a closed loop of transactions.

Through the AFO product matrix (OMS/TMS/mini programs), the company connects information flows, logistics and capital flows for the whole chain of delivery in the wholesale market, and provides wholesalers with “one-stop” commodity delivery services.

Super Camel has acquired 22 soft patents and 11 smart device patents since its establishment. At present, it provides intelligent dispatching three-wheeled delivery services in Chengdu, Chongqing, and other cities. At the end of 2021, it successfully commercialized unmanned vehicles in the Chengdu Yinli Wholesale Market, and its unmanned vehicles transport over 5,000 orders every day.

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The core team comes from Didi, Tencent, SF and Huawei, and has been engaged in vehicle management, logistics and intelligent dispatching for over a decade. They have profound knowledge of the system and intelligent devices, and are capable of system development, scene implementation and large-scale operations.

Super Camel currently serves more than 5,500 wholesalers, handles over 100,000 pieces of cargo with daily mixed dispatches, and collects nearly one million yuan in daily payments and crosstown logistics fees. It offers excellent delivery experience for wholesalers and helps professional markets into a highly efficient and low-carbon digital environment. In the future, the intelligent operation of unmanned vehicles can be extended to other scenarios, with tremendous business opportunities.