Smart Software Development Firm AiXcoder Completes Round-A Financing

AI programming robot developer company aiXcoder announced on Tuesday that it had received tens of millions of yuan in round-A financing, following investment by GL Ventures. These funds will be used for product iteration and team expansion.

The company’s core product is an intelligent programming robot based on a deep learning model, which includes two functions: automatic code completion and intelligent recommendation of similar codes. When developers are writing codes, the AI engine can automatically predict the subsequent possible codes and recommend standard program codes with similar functions to the current program at the same time through intelligent code search.

The mainstream code completion function is provided by IDE’s own programming prompt tool, while aiXcoder adopts AI-based code generation technology to support code completion. The latter adopts a deep neural network model specifically used for program analysis and generation, and achieves higher code prediction accuracy after training with big data.

With the application of AI technology in the overall software market, aiXcoder has undergone several rounds of R&D and produced various iterations. Now, it has two versions: online and offline.

The offline version can run locally on PCs by using its self-developed deep learning model compression technology, which can not only ensure the smooth use of developers, but also eliminate developers’ concerns over code privacy. The online version is more suitable for the private cloud environment of enterprises. On the basis of local computing, it can also make full use of the cloud GPU server to complete more complex AI reasoning operations, and send the code prediction results back to developers in real time.

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In terms of coverage, aiXcoder supports Java, C and C++, Python, JavaScript and other programming languages, and it is compatible with IntelliJ, VS Code, Eclipse and other IDEs. According to Alibaba Cloud’s technical statistics, users of aiXcoder’s “Community Edition” have covered more than 130 countries and regions, providing intelligent programming services for more than 300,000 international developers. At present, aiXcoder has provided services for more than 20 enterprises in the internet, finance and space fields, including Huawei, Baidu, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).