Smart Vehicle Safety Firm Callisto Bags Tens of Millions of Yuan in Seed Funds

Technology startup Callisto has recently received tens of millions of yuan in seed round financing, following exclusive investment from Sequoia Capital China Seed Fund. The recently acquired funds are mainly to be used for the R&D and application of smart vehicle safety products, 36Kr reported on Friday.

Callisto, founded in early 2022, is a technology company dedicated to the safety of smart cars. Based on AI, big data and other technologies, it provides automobile safety solutions for global smart cars and intelligent driving companies.

The firm focuses on new types of attacks against vehicles through multi-dimensional analysis. Its first automobile safety product, S3 VSOC, is used to help automobile enterprises quickly build safety operation centers and provide customized analysis, detection, prediction and incident response services for vehicles through a non-invasive approach.

Traditional security solutions tend to install products like antivirus software onto hardware, but they are difficult to use when the vehicle is in motion and present risks in the cloud. In this regard, Callisto’s idea is to apply AI, big data and other technologies to analyze and compare the data on the vehicle and cloud in order to examine whether the vehicles are hacked.

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Based on the analysis of threats to intelligent and connected vehicles, Callisto has collected years of cases of security researchers and hackers attacking vehicles, and has formed six types of vehicle security attack scenarios. These include Bluetooth digital keys, remote control, intelligent cockpit, OTA upgrades and other scenarios, dividing them into more than 200 security categories.

In addition, Callisto has established a threat intelligence system for automobiles, including a vulnerability database of the automobile supply chain, real-time intelligence tracking of automobile factories and suppliers, safety incidents in the industry and more, assisting automobile factories to build safety defense networks.

Callisto has become one of Huawei Cloud partners, and is docking products with several vehicle companies. In the next step, the company will connect with more cloud vendors and vehicle companies.