Spy Photos of EV Model Created by Chery, Huawei and CATL Emerge

Spy photos of the first vehicle model created by a trio of Chinese companies, including automaker Chery, tech giant Huawei and battery maker CATL, have surfaced on the internet, local auto media outlet Yiche reported on December 18. The new vehicle, which integrated the technical advantages of the three companies ranging from manufacturing, intelligent driving systems and batteries, may be launched between 2023 and 2024.

According to the photos, the model may be a medium-large-sized sedan with the shape of a four-door coupe. Although there is no accurate news yet, the new vehicle will be equipped with battery swapping technology and intelligent driving performance.

(Source: Yiche)

The report followed the cooperation among the trio. On December 14, CATL signed cooperation agreements with Huawei and Chery. Robin Zeng, Chairman of CATL, Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery, Richard Yu, CEO of Terminal BG and CEO of Smart Car Solution BU of Huawei, and other important senior executives attended the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, CATL and Chery will cooperate in the fields of products, commerce, marketing and commercial information resources. In addition to battery supply and technical cooperation for passenger cars, the two sides will jointly explore public transportation, battery integration, motor and electronic control systems, and battery swapping in the fields of buses, logistics vehicles, heavy trucks and electric ships.

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The signing of this contract marks the official start of comprehensive strategic cooperation between CATL and Chery. At the same time, the appearance of Yu indicates that Huawei may provide its own advantages of automatic driving and vehicle-machine interaction system solutions in the future.