Releases 2021 Town Youth Consumption Photo Report

On Tuesday, released its 2021 Rural Youth Consumption Photo Report. The report tracks keywords that are popular or trending among younger consumers in rural areas. This year’s list shows that high-end, greenness, intelligence, Chinese fashion and experience are five key words of rural youth consumption.

With the comprehensive promotion of a nation-wide rural revitalization strategy, the consumer market in counties and towns is growing and expanding at a fast pace. Figures from the National Bureau of Statistics show that retail sales of consumer goods in the rural market, which accounts for 38% of China’s total consumer market, reached 5,323.9 billion yuan, up by 13.3%, in the first 11 months of this year. Young people in counties are now a new driving force of consumption trends, and they are looking for quality and brand names.

The report breaks down the consumption habits of the different provinces as follows: Jiangsu Province currently had the highest per capita consumption expenditure. Jinjiang City, the county, showed the strongest consumption with an annual consumption scale of over 60 million yuan. Chenji Town in Hefei City, Puhe Town in Shenyang City and Geng Town in Xi’an City also showed remarkable consumption trends, ranking among the Top 3 “Big Spenders”.

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a joint notice encouraging qualified areas to launch a new round of trade-in actions in the fields of household appliances, and also to encourage the sales of new energy vehicles, smart household appliances and green building materials in rural areas.

According to the retail cloud data of, in 2021, young people in small towns will give priority to green household appliances. The Top 3 appliances in terms of sales were energy-saving wall-mounted air conditioners, electric water heaters and gas stove sets.

As intelligent manufacturing accelerates  in China, Chinese towns are now following the trend of made-in-China products in 2021. According to Suning, Chinese brands remain in top position in consumers’ choice, with Media, Haier and Hisense as Top3 Chinese products brands throughout the year.

In the era of Internet of Everything, smart home appliances have become a new favorite preferred by young people in small towns. Suning’s report shows that smart products are selling well in 2021, and smart air conditioners, smart door locks and smart drying racks are all popular merchandise.

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Retail Cloud is a business segment featuring high potentials and high growth for The company has opened over 10,000 stores across the nation in 31 province-level regions, through which over 1,800 brands go to small towns and rural markets, while over 250 million users have purchased something through the company.