Super Panther Secures Tens of Millions of Yuan in Strategic Financing

Super Panther, a Chinese new energy heavy truck slider chassis developer, announced on August 1 that it has obtained strategic financing totaling tens of millions of yuan from Sequoia China Seed Fund and Shunwei Capital.

It focuses on common chassis technology in the field of new energy medium and heavy trucks. Based on its new understanding of the skid plate chassis track, the company is committed to empowering the logistics industry together with OEMs through scenario definition and energy efficiency optimization in the process of new energy and intelligence of trucks, and contributing to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

Super Panther has reached strategic cooperation with Henan Great Wall Motor Logistics Co., Ltd. under the Aluminum Corporation of China and Hebei Anfeng Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. The agreement involves the application and development of Super Panther’s new energy heavy duty truck slider chassis in the logistics and steel industries.

As of the end of 2021, there were about 302 million cars in China, of which commercial vehicles accounted for only 11%, but their carbon emissions accounted for 56%. As a result, the new energy commercial vehicle industry has become the focus of the Chinese government’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. In the first half of 2022, there was sustained high demand in the domestic new energy heavy truck industry, with cumulative sales soaring nearly five times year-on-year from January to May. Despite the obvious rise, the proportion of new energy trucks in commercial vehicle sales is still low.

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In the coming years, as the infrastructure for battery swaps completes gradually, it is expected that the increase in range and carrying capacity brought about by chassis technology innovation will directly determine the positioning of new energy trucks as production tools in the logistics industry chain. Different from passenger car slider chassis technology companies, Super Panther will combine with the logistical ecological needs, pursue the “ultimate energy efficiency” by creating a new chassis system, and devote itself to helping OEMs promote the green transformation of the logistics industry.