SVOLT Announces the Global Launch of Its Short-blade Fast-charging Battery

The fourth SVOLT Battery Day was held on the afternoon of December 12th (at Beijing time). SVOLT announced its ‘SVOLT 2024 Strategy’, which includes product leading strategy, SVOLT speed service, and AI intelligent manufacturing strategy.

Based on the product leading strategy, SVOLT has launched the ‘Full Scenario Short Blade, Comprehensive Evolution’ strategy targeting different segments of the BEV, PHEV, commercial vehicle, and energy storage markets. It is also globally introducing a full range of short-blade fastcharging iterative upgrade products in the passenger vehicle field, covering applications from 2.2C to 5C in all scenarios.

At this Battery Day, SVOLT released multiple fast-charging products using the short-blade specification, announcing itself as the world’s first battery company to achieve 2.2-5C fast charging. The short-blade fast-charging cells are claimed to cover mainstream passenger and commercial vehicle models in the market.

Relying on the hybrid platform designed with ‘Fly stacking + Short Blade’, SVOLT has released the ‘second-generation hybrid battery cell’. The entire PHEV lineup, including 62Ah, 90Ah, and 117Ah models, has been upgraded to support fast charging at a rate of 2.2C. They claim to achieve this fast charging upgrade without increasing the price.

At the same time, SVOLT has further launched three new products targeting the PHEV market. They are the world’s first ultra-long-range hybrid lithium iron short sword fast charging battery with a range of over 300KM, the world’s first ultra-long-range hybrid ternary short sword fast charging battery with a range of over 350KM, and the world’s first 800V-3C hybrid fast charging battery. These products further meet the demand for B-class, C-class SUVs, and MPVs with configurations ranging from 45KWh to 65KWh.

In the field of BEV, SVOLT has launched two specifications of LFP short blade fast charging cells, namely L400 and L600. The capacities are 105Ah, 130Ah, and 133Ah respectively, capable of achieving a maximum charging rate of 4C. According to the plan, the short blade fast charging cell based on L600 will cover scenarios with a charge rate of 3-4C and is expected to be mass-produced in Q3 2024. The short blade ultra-fast charging cell based on L400 will cover scenarios with a charge rate of 4C or higher to meet the market demand for mainstream 800V high-voltage vehicles. It is scheduled to be mass-produced in Q4 2024.

In the commercial vehicle racing field, SVOLT has adopted the strategies of shared use for both passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as shared use for storage. They have launched the world’s first commercially-shared short-blade battery and the world’s first commercial vehicle short-blade standard box. Based on this commercial vehicle short-blade cell, they have also introduced the world’s first integrated commercial-storage battery pack called Basalt. This product uses high-security short-blade cells with higher integration, claiming to reduce approximately 15% of component quantity and further lower costs. It is also capable of being punctured without catching fire or emitting smoke, and can intelligently adjust different power levels according to specific scenarios, meeting the interoperability needs between mainstream automotive companies and energy storage enterprises in various application scenarios.

In the field of energy storage, SVOLT has released a new iteration of its Flystacking Short Blade energy storage battery, which is based on a safer solution of ‘Fly stacking + Short Blade’. The product includes the 350Ah Flystack Short Blade dedicated energy storage cell with unchanged size but upgraded system, as well as the 710Ah Flystack Short Blade energy storage cell with increased thickness. Additionally, there are three long-life system energy storage cells available in capacities of 310Ah, 330Ah, and 660Ah. Furthermore, they have also introduced the world’s first 6MWh-20ft container.

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In terms of cutting-edge technology layout, SVOLT has released the world’s first 350KM+ long-range short sword sodium-ion battery and the world’s first short sword energy storage sodium-ion battery. All reliability tests have been completed, claiming to have outstanding low-temperature performance advantages.

In addition, during this Battery Day event, SVOLT took the lead in the industry by proposing the application of artificial intelligence technology. Through strategic cooperation with partners such as Intel, Siemens, Rockwell, Tsinghua University, Aston, China Telecom, and Dr. Octopus, they established the ‘Liberation Lithium Electrode Intelligent Productivity Alliance’ to focus on the application and implementation of big data, computing power, and models in lithium battery intelligent manufacturing.

In terms of research and development, SVOLT has released the first large-scale application in the new energy industry. It utilizes a general large-scale model combined with a lithium battery specialized model for sample generation, intelligent annotation, and general development, empowering lithium battery research and production.

At the production end, the Most intelligent algorithm developed jointly by SVOLT and Tsinghua University claims to be able to intelligently predict the performance of battery cells and achieve ‘world-leading’ predictions of battery capacity as well as AI-powered intelligent sorting of battery cells.

The goal of SVOLT is to improve the overall yield rate of production line equipment to over 99%, increase labor productivity on the production line by 60%, achieve an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of over 80%. Beehive Energy will validate the application of AI technology in its own capacity and then promote it throughout the industry, helping enterprises transform and upgrade.