Sweden’s Einride Orders 200 Pure Electric Tractors From BYD

Einride, a Swedish freight technology company, announced recently its purchase of 200 heavy-duty pure electric 8TT tractors from Shenzhen-based automaker BYD. The vehicle assembly will be carried out by BYD’s Lancaster plant in the U.S. It plans to complete production and delivery within the next year, and will eventually be operated by Einride’s partners in the U.S.

8TT is a multi-purpose vehicle with a cruising range of 200 miles. It can easily complete short-distance transportation, regional distribution and other tasks.

Duan Yuefeng, Senior Vice President of Operations for the BYD North America Branch, said: “This order is of historic significance. Local customers in the U.S. can learn about Einride’s new breakthrough in intelligent operating systems, and can also experience the reliability of BYD’s zero-emission electric trucks.”

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More than 15,000 of BYD’s pure electric trucks are now operational worldwide, of which more than 200 are deployed in the U.S., including at ports in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland, California, and garbage collection services, distribution jobs and ports on the East Coast. In the field of terminal transportation, BYD pure electric trucks have also been applied.