T3 Go to Launch Online Ride-hailing App for Young People

During a media communication meeting on April 21st, Cui Dayong, the CEO of T3 Go, a Chinese ride-hailing platform, presented the company’s future development goals and business layout. The company aims to achieve several milestones by the end of 2026: daily order peak exceeding 10 million orders, revenue reaching 50 billion yuan, nationwide coverage in over 200 cities, and operating with 1,000 L4 autonomous driving vehicles for commercial purposes.

T3 Go has expanded its services to 112 cities and provided safe travel for over 1.4 billion trips. With more than 200 million registered users, it holds a second market share position. Notably, over 70% of its user base comprises young individuals born after 1985 and 1990.

To cater to a younger user base, T3 Go is set to launch a super app for travel in August. The app will include features such as restaurant and entertainment search, pet-friendly options, customized transportation, and more.

Cui stated that the reason for developing a separate app for young people is due to the unfulfilled personalized and diverse needs of this user group. For instance, pet-friendly vehicles come equipped with disposable seat cushions and other amenities to maintain a clean and tidy environment inside the car. Additionally, passengers have the option to choose a customized ride if they prefer not to listen to music or engage in conversation with their driver during their trip.

T3 Go is planning to expand its business by exploring ride-hailing and autonomous driving. To achieve this, T3 Go will collaborate with partners to launch services such as intelligent vehicle inspection, smart charging, maintenance and repair. The driver-side app of T3 Go has already launched several services including charging maps, unit price inquiries for charging and a display of available charging piles.

In addition, T3 Go aims to work with various parties such as automakers, academic research institutions and autonomous driving companies in order to promote commercial operation acceleration for autonomous driving. As a part of this initiative, Robtaxi’s public operation has already been launched in Suzhou City in Jiangsu Province.

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During the meeting, T3 Go presented a research report on the health of online car-hailing drivers. The report revealed that cervical spondylosis, stomach disease, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation and other illnesses are prevalent occupational diseases among them. To address issues such as lack of accidental insurance coverage, neglect of occupational health and inadequate sense of belonging among drivers, T3 Go has enhanced its driver-exclusive care plan to offer more comprehensive care and protection for them.