Tanma SCRM Receives Investment of $10M From Welight Capital

Tanma SCRM, an enterprise WeChat service provider, announced on Tuesday an investment totaling $10 million from Welight Capital L.P.

Founded in 2020, Tanma SCRM has previously completed a B+ round of financing with Eastern Bell Capital serving as lead investor in November 2021, a B round of financing with SoftBank Ventures Asia as lead investor and Shunwei Capital as co-investor in July 2021, and an A round of financing with Blue Lake Capital, Legend Capital and K2 Angel Partners as co-investors in May 2021.

As an integrated SaaS platform for marketing and services, Tanma SCRM focuses on B2C, B2B and other enterprises, covering education and training, finance and insurance, medical beauty, home improvement, manufacturing, enterprise services and more. When consumers buy such goods or services, they always go through a long decision-making cycle, highlight product and service experience, and have high brand loyalty. So, in this case, consumers usually need professional staff – such as sales, consultants and experts –to establish a trusting relationship with them for long-term maintenance and guidance.

As a result, Tanma launched a social SCRM system with customer management and sales management as the core. This helps enterprises connect customers more conveniently, provide solutions for the whole process of customer acquisition-transformation-transaction-operation, and accurately reach and transform high-quality customers. In addition, through content and tools, the professional expression and work efficiency of employees are improved, brand trust is strengthened, and a virtuous circle of word-of-mouth sharing of experience by customers is formed.

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Welight Capital, Tanma’s investor for this round, was established in 2015. Its founding partner Wu Xiaoguang and senior directors hail from previous posts at Tencent, Futu and other well-known companies. Wu joined Tencent in 1998, where he was the number six employee and served as executive vice president of Tencent Group. After leaving Tencent, Wu founded Welight Capital, which invests such fields as enterprise services, B2B, e-commerce, finance, education, new retail, consumption upgrading, and other areas. Welight Capital has invested in many star enterprises such as XPeng Motors, Futu Securities, Guazi.com, Linklogis, Shanghai JUSHUITAN Network Technology and ZEGO.