Taobao AI model ‘Taobao Wenwen’ Is in Internal Testing

The Taobao AI large-scale model ‘Taobao Wenwen’ is currently undergoing internal testing. You can apply for the internal test by searching ‘Taobao Wenwen’ on Taobao, or participate in the testing through an invitation code.

Taobao Wenwen is an innovative attempt by Taobao to iterate on the original search function and guide users in their e-commerce searches. Its aim is to combine user input with deep synthesis algorithms to provide users with products and content that better align with their consumption habits.

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Users can input information to Taobao Wenwen and receive text, images, videos, audios, and other output information generated or returned by Taobao Wenwen based on the input. The output from Taobao Wenwen contains AI-generated content based on deep synthesis technology and may include links to third-party websites.

At the same time, the goods and related images, videos, and audios returned in the output are obtained through keyword retrieval based on user input and generated output. This does not imply Taobao’s recommendation for the goods and related content at any time.