TCL Launches Leiniao Air XR Glasses

Leiniao, an AR brand established by Chinese electronics company TCL, launched a new extended reality (XR) smart glasses product called Leiniao Air on Tuesday, which has opened for sales on domestic e-commerce platforms. The new product was first exhibited during CES 2022, featuring a lightweight and large-screen consumer experience.

The Leiniao Air smart glasses adopt polarized BirdBath optical technology, which can create a visual experience equivalent to watching a 140-inch high-definition large screen from a distance of four meters. It has also been certified by TÜV Rheinland in Germany, with low blue light and no stroboscopic light, which reduces visual fatigue and visual damage.

In addition, the Leiniao Air smart glasses adopt a Sony Micro OLED display and support 1920*1080 binocular full HD. The product can realize 107% sRGB color gamut full coverage, avoiding problems including distortion and color cast caused by low color gamut, and delivering more vivid screen colors. The screen can achieve an ultra-high contrast ratio of 100,000 to 1, making content appear more lively.

In order to adapt to more individuals’ needs, Leiniao Air also provides a “customized glasses matching service.” Users only need to scan the QR code in the packaging box and provide personal eyesight information to purchase additional glasses matching service. Leiniao Air customized lenses are designed with magnetic parts, making them convenient to install and capable of covering all needs.

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To avoid the discomfort and dizziness caused by the heavy shape of traditional smart glasses, Leiniao Air smart glasses have been comprehensively upgraded, including material, technology and structure. The glasses with standard front lenses are only 75g, while the glasses themselves weigh only 69g.

Leiniao Air supports devices with USB-C jacks in “display port replacement” mode, including many Android smartphones, Windows or Mac computers, and other mainstream operating systems. The device can also be linked to iPhones through an adapter.