TCL Technology’s Juhua Printing Successfully Manufactures 32-inch Printed OLED Displays

During an investor interaction platform event on Thursday, Chinese electronics company, TCL Technology, said that Guangdong Juhua Printing Display Technology (Juhua Printing), a subsidiary of TCL Technology, has successfully manufactured 32-inch printed OLED displays, thus integrating industrial chain resources from materials, processes, processes to application.

TCL Technology also pointed out that the company’s medium-sized display business has grown rapidly in the high-end market segment, and is looking to cooperate with many domestic and foreign leading customers in the automobile industry. The company has seen its shipments increase substantially in recent times.

The Company’s T4 flexible OLED production line has completed the second and third phases of production capacity construction, and aims at being competitive in fields such as flexible folding displays. However, due to the impact of early R&D investment and fixed expenses during the previous period of the production line, the T4 line is faced with some operating pressures. The company will concentrate on improving its technical capabilities and gradually improve its operating efficiency.

In terms of R&D, in the first three quarters of 2021, TCL Technology invested 6.5 billion yuan ($1.02 billion), up 51.1% year-on-year. TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology (TCL CSOT) focused on the development of new display technologies such as MiniLED, MicroLED, printed OLED and QLED.

Moreover, TCL’s smartphone OLED business is developing products such as folding screens, off-screen cameras and narrow frame technologies, cooperating with several global manufacturers.

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TCL’s Zhonghuan Semiconductor has improved its industry-leading photovoltaic technology by focusing on the combination of the G12 large silicon wafers and shingled PV 3.0 while also improving the process involved in producing 8-inch and 12-inch semiconductor materials.