Tech Entrepreneur Jeffrey Huang Sells 13 MAYCs, Dropping to Third-Largest Holder

Jeffrey Huang, a Taiwanese-American singer and tech entrepreneur known online as Machi Big Brother, has sold 13 MAYCs for about $350,000 in the last 24 hours and has transferred 1,496,600 ApeCoins to Binance within nearly a week.

Huang has now fallen from the second-largest MAYC holder to the third, with 87 MAYCs remaining in his possession. The wallet tied to him currently contains 52 BAYCs, 87 MAYCs, 218 Otherdeeds, and various other collections.

Huang stated on Twitter that he sold his MAYCs because he was not interested in staking for $APE, but he still wants to keep all his BAYCs. Degentraland also tweeted that it looks like Huang is dumping all his Yuga Labs assets because he didn’t get his way, although he has deleted a complaining tweet.

Huang first received notoriety as a founding member of pop/rap trio L.A. Boyz formed in 1991. L.A. Boyz is comprised of brothers Jeffrey and Stanley Huang, along with their cousin Steven Lin. They released 13 albums (including three compilation albums) starting from their first “SHIAM!” in 1992, then they dissolved in 1997.

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According to ZachXBT‘s report, Huang transitioned from the music business to the tech sector with the creation of 17 Media, a livestreaming app popular in Asia. In 2017, Huang made his foray into the crypto space with Mithril, a decentralized social media platform aimed at directly rewarding content creators with its native token MITH. Mithril is also the first in a string of sketchy projects with shadowy team members, questionable ethics, and rote pump and dump practices, ZachXBT has claimed.