Tencent Adjusts Financial Consumer Rights Protection Committee

Tencent carried out a few structural, duty and personnel adjustments within its Financial Consumer Rights Protection Committee (the Committee), Jiemian News reported on July 12.

The chairmen of the adjusted leading group of the Committee are the group’s President, Martin Lau, and its Senior Vice President, Leon Guo, the latter of whom is also responsible for Tencent‘s public affairs and corporate social responsibility.

Alex Ren, the executive director of the leading group, joined Tencent as a senior consultant in 2020 and has previously worked at Ping An Insurance. At present, Forest Lin, leader of Tencent Financial Technology (FiT), also holds a position in the leading group.

The leading group has more than 30 members and is divided into two groups: a financial business group and other business groups. Participants are all involved in Tencent‘s internal business lines.

Tencent‘s internal reasons for the adjustment are to further protect the rights and interests of Tencent Group’s financial consumers and to comprehensively guard against possible risks.

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The responsibilities of the Committee include: planning the organizational structure and system of Tencent‘s financial consumer rights protection work, formulating policies at the group level, approving, coordinating and supervising the implementation of the protection work, etc.

In addition, the Committee also has an office, which is responsible for implementing the decision-making matters, undertaking relevant overall coordination and organization work, and mobilizing internal resources. The number of office members currently exceeds 50 people and contains four teams: the general coordination team, financial business team and other business teams.