Tencent Allows Everyone to Participate in Restoring the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a monument like no other. It’s colossal, baffling and, quite obviously, very old. In fact, it’s old enough to start falling apart, which it does in many of its numerous sections. For the Chinese, the Great Wall is more than just a tourist destination. It’s a symbol of greatness and historical continuity and, naturally, the Chinese could not stand aside, while it’s falling into disrepair.

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Tencent, China’s most prolific mobile game maker and the operator of the omnipresent WeChat app, has decided to step in and save the beloved Wall by doing what it does best – building another mobile game. “Repair the Wall” is a game that allows users to try on the guise of an actual brick-burner, working on building the Wall. Players are simply asked to toss bricks into a clay oven, no rocket science. The bricks are later used to repair the virtual Great Wall.

UI of the game
UI of the game

However, that is not solely what the game is about. Players are encouraged to make real money donations through the game that will go towards restoration and protection of the Enemy station on the second end of Guangwu Great Wall. Over 350, 000 people have already participated in the initiative, raising funds of over RMB 1.7 million and bringing the fundraising rate up by 61.68 percent.

Tencent Foundation that has been curating the restoration project since 2016 has previously allocated RMB 25 million to repair damaged sections of the Great Wall.