Tencent-backed E-commerce Firm Missfresh Now Available on JD Daojia Platform

Starting this month, consumers in China can access products sold by online grocery startup Missfresh on JD Daojia, a subsidiary of Dada Group. JD.com, the former parent company of JD Daojia before it merged with Dada in 2016, still holds the most stakes in the online to offline (O2O) supermarket platform.

Consumers are now able to buy products from nearby Missfresh retail stores on JD Daojia and have them delivered within an hour, according to a WeChat post by Dada. The type of goods include fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and eggs, among other daily essentials.

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In the past few weeks since its launch, sales of Missfresh on the JD Daojia platform have grown rapidly. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, grain and oil seasoning represent the top five categories with the highest sales.

Jiang Jun, general manager of the commercial growth department at JD Daojia, said that the company has more than 100,000 retail stores, covering about 1,400 counties and cities across China. “The cooperation with Missfresh further enriches the supply of fresh goods on the JD Daojia platform, and hopefully gives users more diverse and high-quality choices,” the employee said.

“We hope to join hands with JD Daojia, so that all fresh food can be displayed at every family’s table,” said head of Missfresh user center, Wang Cheng.