Tencent-backed Global Esports Federation Founded in Singapore

A new Global Esports Federation (GEF) was launched in Singapore on December 16, with Chinese tech giant Tencent listed as its global founding partner.

Although multiple organizations have been established to forge bonds among esports communities, this is the first time that an organization is directly supported by a game publisher.

Tencent Esports will open up relationships with GEF in copyrights, esports events management, talent training, as well as drafting regulations and business models, according to GEF vice president Cheng Wu, who is also vice president of Tencent Holdings and CEO of Tencent Pictures.

Other GEF’s vice presidents include Wei Jizhong, former secretary-general of the Chinese Olympic Committee and the former Olympian Charmaine Crooks.

GEF will work on promoting communications and close relations among parties in esports, and helping esports gain recognition in official international sports organizations, according to GEF president Chris Chan. In the future, GEF will act as a platform to connect global esports partners and draft international standards.