Tencent-backed Livestreaming Platform Douyu Helps Revive Sales of Hubei Products

Tencent-backed video game livestreaming platform Douyu has helped revive sales of products from Hubei, the province hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak in China, through a four-day e-commerce livestreaming campaign. The campaign gathered 34.3 million viewers and generated over RMB 30.3 million ($4.3 million) in revenue. 

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“Headquartered in Wuhan, Douyu is a part of Hubei Province,” said Chen Shaojie, founder and CEO of the company. “We are hoping to promote Hubei-produced products by using the fastest-growing business model “e-commerce and livestreaming” to revitalize the economy in Hubei.”

28 top video game live streamers on Douyu joined the four-hour campaign each day from April 17 to 20 with over 50 native Hubei products such as hot dry noodles, crayfish, duck necks and sweet fermented rice being advertised.

The livestreaming campaign to support the epicenter after the months-long lockdown on e-commerce service providers and livestreaming platforms has become a nationwide campaign since early April. 

Alibaba’s Taobao launched a “Help Hubei Farmers” channel on Taobao’s marketplace on April 1, aiming to sell 1-billion-yuan worth of crayfish from the province. Another livestreaming campaign kicked off in the following week when Chinese livestreaming sensation Justin Li paired with state media news anchor Zhu Guangquan, launched an online live broadcast selling native Hubei products, gaining 120million viewers and raising more than 40 million yuan within hours.

Meanwhile, Pinduoduo has partnered with the Hubei Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department for sales campaigns starting from April. Local officials from counties in the province have joined the live broadcasts to sell lotus roots and other agricultural products.