Tencent & BMW Signed Strategic MoU to Promote Integration of Digital Platforms

Tencent Holding Ltd. and BMW Group inked a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Sept. 5 to deepen cooperation in the field of smart mobility. The aim is to promote the development of network intelligence in the automotive industry.

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The Chinese internet giant and German automobile manufacturer are joining forces to evaluate the integration of Tencent‘s digital products and services with BMW’s car and mobile platforms, as well as potential collaboration opportunities on infotainment systems, the underlying infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

According to Zhong Xiongping, Tencent‘s Vice President, BMW has been an important global partner to Tencent since 2013. The two companies have worked together on vehicle safety, online music, and positioning services, and will continue to expand their partnership in order to build an integrated digital experience for both the interior and exterior of automobiles.

Jochen Goller, President and CEO of BMW China, said at the MoU signing ceremony, “ BMW aims to speed up the development of a smooth digital ecosystem for Chinese consumers through the cooperation with Tencent.”

Goller also mentioned that smart connectivity, digital services, and autonomous and electric vehicles are the key development areas of BMW’s brand new “priority strategy”. Collaborating with Tencent will accelerate BMW’s transformation into a tech company that provides a high-end traveling experience.

As an important part of Tencent‘s strategic planning of smart travel, Tencent‘s autopilot technology has matured enough for large applications. In May this year, Tencent received self-driving car test licenses from Shenzhen City, allowing it to test its self-driving vehicles on certain public roads. Coincidentally, BMW received the same license from Shanghai on the very same day.