Tencent CEO Pony Ma’s Annual Conference Speech Exposed

On January 29th, Tencent held its annual conference at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. Pony Ma, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tencent, spent 35 minutes providing a detailed review of the development of various businesses under Tencent in the past year and presented plans for the future.

Regarding the previous news about Tencent acquiring land in Haidian for 6.4 billion RMB, Pony Ma stated: “We have made projections regarding acquiring land in Beijing. We are still working on reducing costs and increasing efficiency… Until last year, when we saw the overall situation, our company’s business was relatively stable and growing steadily. Because there is still demand, we decided to acquire this piece of land.”

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Furthermore, Pony Ma also expressed his views on AI and related businesses. He believes that AI was a focal point last year, not only for the entire industry but also for the whole world. Tencent cannot be considered as the most advanced in this field, but at least it is not too far behind. He hopes to apply Hunyuan large language AI model to various scenarios and integrate it into all products to improve efficiency.

In terms of AI, Tencent‘s Hunyuan large language model has been registered in September 2023. This model claims to have a parameter scale of over one hundred billion and pre-training corpus with over twenty trillion tokens. Currently, it has been used in various major application platforms under Tencent.