Tencent Cloud AI Code Assistant Is Free for A Limited Time Public Beta Test

Tencent Cloud announced that its AI Code Assistant is now open for free limited-time public testing. Currently, developers, development teams, and enterprise customers can experience it online through the Tencent Cloud official website.

AI Code Assistant is a self-developed programming efficiency tool by Tencent Cloud, which is installed as a plugin in editors (such as VSCode or JetBrains IDE) to assist programming.

AI Code Assistant can provide functions such as auto-completion of code, generating code based on comments, code interpretation, generating test codes, converting code languages, and technical conversations.

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AI Code Assistant Features:

Based on Tencent Hunyuan code model: Tencent stated that over 50% of internal R&D is using it

Supports multiple languages: Supports Python, JavaScript / TypeScript, Java, C / C++, Go, C#, Rust, Swift, Lua, Kotlin, TSX / JSX, Vue, Proto, PHP and other languages / frameworks

Supports mainstream IDEs: Supports VS Code and JetBrains suite

Improves development efficiency: Through technical dialogue and code completion to assist in generating business code, comments, unit tests etc., enhancing development efficiency

Accelerates development process: Assists in completion tasks like bug diagnosis and test generation to free up mechanical work and focus on code creation

Seamless development experience: Learning through dialogue quickly understanding standard writing practices to shorten the learning curve; developing with fewer detours