Tencent Cloud Releases Low-cost Digital Human Production Platform

Tencent Cloud publicly announced its digital human production platform on April 25th. The platform boasts several features, including small training samples, high production efficiency, and automated production. These capabilities enable low-cost “self-service” intelligent production of digital humans.

While digital humans are gaining popularity among enterprises and advertisers, the problem of high production and operation costs remains unresolved. In the past, the complex process of collecting training sample data has resulted in lengthy and expensive customization processes for digital humans, which has hindered their rapid application. However, Tencent Cloud’s newly launched platform can generate high-definition portraits that resemble real people within 24 hours using only three minutes of video footage of a real person and 100 speech materials.

The platform generates digital humans that can display half-body and full-body images with flexible gesture movements tailored to the content. Additionally, it supports recording with customizable background replacement, making it suitable for a variety of commercial scenarios including live streaming. The platform also addresses sound replication issues by utilizing Tencent‘s self-developed small-sample timbre customization technology, deep learning acoustic models, and neural network vocoders. This innovative approach solves the problem of single speech rhythm and flat intonation commonly found in traditional acoustic models.

Tencent Cloud has proposed the “AI + Intelligent Factory” direction to expedite the popularization of digital humans. This initiative offers a ready-to-use digital human production service that utilizes Tencent Cloud’s TI platform, which boasts over 10 AI algorithm capabilities. In the future, users can easily customize digital human images and voices on a large scale without requiring any algorithm or R&D experience. All they need to do is import video and voice training materials into the platform.

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Despite the decline of the metaverse boom, digital humans have persisted and are now thriving thanks to advancements in AI-generated content technology. Tencent has been at the forefront of this trend since 2018, investing heavily in smart human research and development. As one of China’s earliest investors in this field, Tencent is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for digital humans.