Tencent Fires 70 Staff in Anti-graft Campaign

Tencent Holdings, China’s biggest social media and video games company, on Tuesday said in a social media post that it had fired nearly 70 staff over bribery and embezzlement incidents and reported more than 10 people to authorities over the last year due to their actions.

In 2005, the company first proposed an extremely strict regulation named “Tencent‘s High Voltage Line”, which included six points: fraud, bribery, revealing secrets, improper competition, conflicts of interest and violation of discipline. Tencent stipulated that once employees had violated one of these regulations, they will be dismissed and never hired again by the firm. External companies involved in any of the cases would also be blacklisted.

Tencent has been reporting on the results of its internal probes since 2019. However, a new type of case appeared in 2021. Among the disclosed cases, there are 5 cases in which Tencent employees gained profit by cooperating with external job-seeking agencies to recruit interns to conduct false remote internships.

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In addition, Tencent blacklisted 13 firms, including Guangzhou Daniu Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Leyu Culture Co., Ltd., Competitive Network Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and others.