Tencent Games Launches New Brand Level Infinite

On Tuesday, Tencent Games announced the launch of its new distribution brand, Level Infinite. The company touts the new brand as “dedicated to providing high-quality games to users all over the world”.

According to Level Infinite, the brand will release works from studios owned by Tencent in addition to third-party developers. Its headquarters will be located in Amsterdam and Singapore with staff located around the world.

“The launch of Level Infinite represents the next stage of Tencent Games’ development as a global publisher and trusted brand,” said Liu Ming, Vice President of Tencent Games. “We look forward to bringing high-quality games to players, no matter where they play and no matter how they play.”

The first batch of games released by the brand include “Synced: Off Planet”, produced by NexT Studios under Tencent Games, and “Don’t Starve: Newhome”. In addition, games produced by Tencent Games’s TiMi Studio Group, Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group and other third-party studios, including Arena of Valor, which is popular among overseas players, will also launch new content and upgraded versions of their games.

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Level Infinite will also provide a series of support and services for overseas cooperative studios including technology support, R&D, games as a service (GaaS), and global market research. The company is also looking to support e-sports and global, multi-regional distribution.

“The games of our partners, namely Funcom, Fatshark, Sharkmob and 10 Chambers, will continue to be published by these studios,” said Chris Kramer, senior director of North American communications at Level Infinite. “Level Infinite is increasing its support for these developers to help their games achieve greater success.”