Tencent Merges Short Video Platform Weishi and Tencent Video

Chinese media outlet LatePost reported on August 8 that Tencent Video and Weishi have started a new round of integration, even while they continue to develop independently.

Products from the two units will now be integrated into Tencent‘s online video products department, established in April of this year.

The new department is responsible for the overall planning and operation of videos, while also managing Tencent Sports and Pianduoduo.

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A person from the new business unit who is close to this adjustment told LatePost that Tencent Video and Weishi will continue to develop independently in the future. The adjustment does not involve any employee layoffs, the company also said.

LatePost has reported that since Tencent received approval to acquire Sogou in July, Sogou’s search team has begun to integrate with the QQ browser team.

In April, Tencent integrated Tencent Video, Weishi and Ying Yongbao to set up a new online video business unit, focusing on video content.