Tencent Named Exclusive China Agent, Operator of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Tencent announced it reached a strategic cooperation with PUBG, formally obtaining the exclusive agency of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in China.

It will work together with PUBG to provide Internet optimization, server capacity expansion and other technical support to create a positive game atmosphere. In particular, Tencent will convey healthy and positive cultural concepts and value orientations to teens.

Tencent and PUBG said they would work with partners from all walks of life, including those from live platforms, media and Internet services to build a fair, healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Tencent said it would keep close communication with the government department in charge. After reaching the agreement, Tencent and PUBG said they would follow the guidance of the department in charge and adjust any game content that violates relevant provisions, and will further highlight team collaboration and fair competition. They will ensure game content complies with socialist core values and conforms to Chinese culture and ethics.

Having confirmed the agency in China, the companies will release more details about relevant content from PUBG and the cooperation.

According to Steam’s official statistics, PUBG has seen a peak of 2.9 million players a day, breaking the platform’s record, with nearly 50 percent of the players coming from the Chinese mainland.

Netease Technology said in its press release that Tencent did not mention the game’s Chinese translation but only used its English name, so it may use another name.

This article originally appeared in Netease Technology and was translated by Pandaily.