Tencent Responds to the Collective Server Crash of Popular Games in the Early Morning

On the early morning of January 12th (at Beijing time), multiple popular game servers under Tencent experienced issues simultaneously, resulting in a large number of online players being disconnected.

According to feedback from netizens, popular games such as “League of Legends,” “CrossFire,” “Game for Peace,” and “Dungeon Fighter Online” have encountered this issue. Some netizens mentioned that after being disconnected, they attempted to reconnect to the game but found that the servers were still unstable. Sometimes they were able to connect, while other times they would be disconnected again, making it impossible to play normally.

This morning around 9:30 a.m. (at Beijing time), Tencent Games responded on Weibo, “Around midnight tonight, network fluctuations occurred due to operator line faults, causing some users in certain regions to experience disconnections and temporary login issues. The related abnormalities have now been restored. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

In addition, the reporter attempted to log in to the official website of Tencent Games and found that the webpage content could not be displayed properly. A pop-up window showed “Sorry, no corresponding news found.” Only certain functions such as “Home” and “Recruitment” could be clicked normally, but when clicking on links like “News” or “Game Products,” it displayed “The page you are trying to access cannot be found!” Despite Tencent Games’ response, the official website page has still not returned to normal.

In December of last year, on the day when Tencent‘s mobile game “Star of Dreams” (Yuan Meng Zhi Xing) was launched, similar issues also occurred. On the night of its launch, some netizens reported that they were unable to log in or connect to the server. “Star of Dreams” would have a “red envelope rain” welfare event around 8 p.m. every night during that month, and players reported being unable to log in at a time close to the start of the “red envelope rain” event.

The server issue of “Star of Dreams” was fixed that evening. The official announcement was made in the game regarding the compensation for the server abnormality, stating that players can now log in normally and will receive certain compensations.

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