Tencent To Team With Pokémon For New Game

Game lovers across the world now have something to look forward to! Tencent Games said on July 22 that its Timi Studio Group will work with The Pokémon Company to develop new games.

The cooperation is one step further in the two’s relationship, since China’s Internet giant Tencent won approval to distribute Nintendo Switch video game in mainland China in April.

In Switch’s global landscape, China used to be one of the few forts that Nintendo hadn’t captured. As Nintendo remains focused on expanding its IP, entering China market, where hundreds millions of game lovers are willing to spend lavishly on games, is a must.

Nintendo and Tencent‘s relationship can be traced back to last September, when Tencent‘s Arena of Valor landed on Nintendo Switch. Tencent can be a powerful ally due to its large game lover base and experience in developing games.

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Both companies are giants in the gaming industry. Tencent Games provides China’s largest online gaming community. And the Timi Studio by Tencent has developed popular multi-platform games such as King of Honors, Arena of Valor and Call of Duty Mobile. King of Honors alone has an average of 139 million users in the first quarter of 2019. Pokemon, on the other hand, developed the phenomenal Pokémon Go that catches almost everyone’s attention abroad.