Tencent’s eGame to Terminate Operation on June 7

eGame, a mobile e-sports platform owned by Tencent, announced on Thursday that it will terminate its operations on June 7 due to a change in business development strategy.

eGame was established in July 2016 and was involved mainly in mobile games, live-streaming, video, and other related fields. the company looked after released such as QGC, King Pro League, League of Legends Pro League and other e-sports competitions.

Different from other live-streaming platforms, eGame enjoys the support of Tencent‘s extensive resources. It owns the live-streaming copyright of Tencent Games such as the Honor of Kings, Game for Peace and League of Legends. However, in March of this year, many eGame anchors posted their farewell messages on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

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Matters related to the termination of operations announced by eGame include the stoppage of new user and host registration, in addition to the recharge feature.

On June 7, all functions of eGame-related products will be stopped and will be removed from application stores. Broadcasting functions of hosts will be also terminated. The only feature to remain in service until December 30 will be customer service, at which point in time it too will be shut down.

eGame pointed out in the announcement that unless there are special provisions in laws and regulations or agreements signed between Tencent and users, it will delete the user’s account data and personal data after the server is shut down.