Tencent’s Investment Exceeds $32B in 2021, YoY Increase of 8.1%

Chinese commercial information platform Qichacha recently showed that Tencent has publicly invested 1,175 times in 925 projects in the recent ten years, totaling more than 1.27 trillion yuan ($202 billion).

Tencent made 257 investments in 2021, up 59.6% year-on-year. Total investment amount reached 200.787 billion yuan last year, a year-on-year increase of 8.1%, most of which covered fields such as entertainment and enterprise services.

Among the investments promoted by Tencent in the past ten years, 492 are early investments (including angel investing, A round and B round financing), accounting for 41.9%, mainly in the entertainment field. There were 254 round C or D investments, or beyond, accounting for 21.6%. Investments included entertainment, enterprise services, medical and health care, e-commerce logistics, education and training, finance and other fields.

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Tencent‘s share price is close to HK $400 per share today, down 3.72% and has hit a new low since May 2020. The company’s latest market value is less than HK $4 trillion.