Tencent’s WeChat Supports Ads in Moments Linking to Alibaba’s Tmall

An informed source told Chinese media outlet Ebrun that advertisements in Moments, a social-networking function of Tencent‘s ubiquitous WeChat app, can now direct users to Tmall, an e-commerce platform under Alibaba. The ads are not just a simple form of brand promotion, but can directly turn to the Taobao app, and encourage transactions.

“The first Moments ads leading directly to Tmall’s flagship store has been launched,” said the source. According to individuals familiar with the matter, some brands have already worked this out and have bought Moments traffic for their Tmall “618” shopping festival. According to a screenshot of the Moments ads provided by the source, the ad cards show “Tmall 618,” the brand’s logo and Tmall’s logo. Promotional keywords are also placed in a conspicuous position.

To switch from WeChat Moments to Tmall, users will enter a page after clicking the ad, and will then need to click a pop-up button before going to the online shopping store.

The aforementioned source also pointed out: “If the Tmall app is installed in a user’s smartphone, it will jump directly to the flagship store where ads are placed, and those without Tmall app will jump directly to the store page in the Taobao app.”

However, this doesn’t work if individual users directly post Taobao or Tmall store links on WeChat Moments. According to relevant service providers, ads must be put on through Alimama Uni Desk, a marketing platform launched by Alibaba. This path is still under alpha testing, and not all brands can participate.

During the 618 shopping festival, the mode of Alimama ads that directly turn users to Tmall was not only applied to the WeChat ecology. According to an internal document provided by a merchant, brands can promote their ads to multiple platforms including platforms and apps of ByteDance, Tencent and Kuaishou through Alimama Uni Desk. These channels include other popular apps such as Douyin, Toutiao and Xigua Video.

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One ad services provider said: “In fact, during the Double Eleven Shopping Festival last year, this mode had gone through a short test. But at that time, it was only in the form of Tmall H5 page, and it was impossible to directly turn to Taobao related apps as it is now. However, this year’s ‘privilege’ is not enjoyed by everyone, since brands need to be added to a white list by Tencent.”