Tesla China Launches New Supercharging Station in Shanghai

The Chinese division of American electric vehicle maker Tesla on Saturday launched a new supercharging station in Shanghai’s Baoshan District. The facility integrates energy storage with charging services.

The new charging station is equipped with four Tesla systems, including a solar photovoltaic system, an energy storage system, a super charging pile, and a destination charging pile.

The electricity generated through the solar roof system will be stored in Powerwall batteries, and then used for daily charging of all-electric vehicles. The project’s solar charging panels, Powerwall batteries and charging facilities form a microgrid, allowing for the sustainable use of sunlight.

Tesla’s first supercharging station in China has now been operating for seven years. Up to now, Tesla has built more than 870 supercharging stations and more than 700 destination charging stations across China’s mainland, among which more than 90 have been in Shanghai, building a convenient charging network for users in the country. The completion of this supercharging station also marks the official arrival of Powerwall energy storage stations in China.

“In the future, we will continue to dig deep into clean energy supply and further improve the world’s energy utilization structure”, Tesla said in a statement.

The move comes less than a month after the unveiling of the first supercharging station in Lhasa. The new charging station in Lhasa can convert solar energy into electric energy to meet the energy demands of Tesla’s cars when traveling in Tibet.

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