Tesla China: No Plans for A Model Y Facelift in the Chinese market This Year

According to cls.cn, Tesla China has revealed that there are no plans for a Model Y facelift in the Chinese market this year. Prior to this, Tesla’s North American market also confirmed this news.

Previously, Drive Tesla obtained an internal email from Tesla. Tesla emphasized that they will not launch a redesigned version of the Model Y in North America this year. “We must transparently inform everyone that we will not be launching a redesigned model of the Model Y this year,” and “For customers, now is the best time to drive the world’s best-selling electric vehicle.” They also highlighted the discounts available for this electric SUV.

Since 2024, Tesla has already made price adjustments in both the Chinese and American markets.

On January 12th, Tesla China’s official website was updated to adjust the prices of the Model 3/Y rear-wheel drive version and long-range version. The price reduction ranges from 6,500 to 15,500 yuan. After the adjustment, the starting price of Model 3 is 245,900 yuan and the starting price of Model Y is 258,900 yuan.

According to the official website of Tesla in the United States, from now until February 29th, the prices of the Model Y rear-wheel drive version and long-range version have been reduced by $1000 each, to $42,990 and $47,990 respectively. This represents a decrease of 2.3% and 2% compared to their previous prices. Starting from March 1st, the prices will increase by $1000 or more. The prices for the Model Y Performance version and other models remain unchanged.

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