Tesla China Refutes Rumor to Use Any New Type of Battery

In response to several recent rumors about Tesla China, on the evening of August 23, the company’s customer support account posted an announcement through domestic social media platforms in which it mentioned that Tesla’s made-in-China models have no plans to use any new batteries, including 4680 batteries, at present.

According to the announcement, in order to protect the interests of consumers and respond to the special actions of Chinese departments to dispel online rumors, Tesla China made the following explanation: “There is no plan to use any new batteries including 4680 batteries at present for the made-in-China Tesla models. No matter what kind of battery is used, the products provided by the company to customers meet Tesla’s product requirements, and will also meet the vehicle performance indicators such as safety, endurance and acceleration.”

Currently, the Model 3s produced by Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries provided by CATL. Chinese media outlets previously quoted sources as saying that Tesla will soon launch a new version of the Model 3. The reports suggested that the biggest highlight is that the new model would be equipped with an M3P battery made by Chinese industry giant CATL. Thus, the endurance was to be improved by at least 10%. On August 18, however, a spokesperson for Tesla China said that this news is just a rumor and is without merit.

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In addition, Tesla mentioned in its announcement on August 23 that the vehicles produced at its Gigafactory Shanghai are usually exported to overseas markets in the first half of each quarter and supplied to the domestic market in the second half of each quarter. The company also reminded owners who have placed orders to pay attention to the changes of delivery time.