Tesla China Refutes Rumors about Full Version FSD Pilot in Shanghai

On June 12, Tesla China officially debunked rumors that Shanghai was poised to be the inaugural city for piloting its Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology. The company termed these reports as “unfounded.”

FSD, listed as “Full Self-Driving Capability” on Tesla’s official website, has been a hot topic of late, especially at the recent shareholder’s meeting. Tesla CEO Elon Musk underscored that the FSD Beta version users have collectively clocked up an impressive 190 million miles (approximately 306 million kilometers). Musk further emphasized the rapid progress of the FSD Beta, predicting its future safety standards to surpass that of human drivers by tenfold.

Tesla’s portfolio of autonomous driving products comprises three key categories: AP, EAP, and FSD. The AP, or Autopilot, is the most basic version, while the EAP or Enhanced Autopilot includes added features such as Smart Summon, Autopark, and Navigate on Autopilot (NOA). These two versions are currently available in China, with AP being free and EAP priced at 32,000 yuan.

The pinnacle of Tesla’s self-driving technologies is the FSD. It includes a suite of advanced features such as Navigate on Autopilot (NOA), Auto Lane Change, Autopark, Smart Summon, Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, and Autosteer on city streets. Currently, the FSD Beta version is only available in North America, priced at $15,000 in the US and $17,500 in Canada, with a one-month trial offer now available.

In a previous statement, Musk indicated Tesla’s willingness to license its autonomous driving technology to other automakers.

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Despite the hype, FSD has yet to make its way into the Chinese market owing to varying policies and regulatory frameworks. China remains Tesla’s second-biggest market, trailing only behind the United States. The potential for growth is substantial, given that Tesla has already delivered hundreds of thousands of vehicles capable of an FSD Beta upgrade in China. An official launch of FSD Beta in China could significantly bolster Tesla’s revenue.

In an interesting development, Chen Kele, Deputy Director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Office of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, revealed plans for Shanghai to amplify its cooperation with Tesla. The city aims to become a global technology hub, enhancing its focus on autonomous driving and robotics among other sectors, thereby creating an industry cluster with strong core technological competencies​.