Tesla Global VP Grace Tao: Tesla’s Development Relies on Local Supply Chain Support in China

As a globally renowned new energy vehicle brand, Tesla‘s rapid development in recent years is evident to all. Recently, Grace Tao, Vice President of Tesla Global, emphasized the importance of domestic supply chain for Tesla’s development during an interview with the media.

At the first China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo, Grace Tao expressed in an interview that the world is continuously transitioning towards sustainable energy. In this process, Tesla hopes to collaborate with more outstanding suppliers to launch more competitive and innovative components. They also hope to lead more domestic excellent suppliers onto the international stage and win new territories in global market competition by leveraging their own strength. This will accelerate the transformation of the global automotive industry towards electrification and sustainable energy, allowing the world to witness the “China-made” hard power.

Grace Tao also expressed gratitude towards the domestic supply chain, saying: “Tesla’s achievements today would not have been possible without the development of a local Chinese supply chain. Throughout the journey, Tesla has collaborated with Chinese suppliers to drive technological innovation and improve efficiency together. Chinese suppliers have actively responded to Tesla’s demands, achieving numerous significant breakthroughs in technology and succeeding in business as well.”

After the previous transformation, the production capacity of Gigafactory Shanghai has been further increased. According to Tesla’s Q3 2023 financial report, the actual annual production capacity of Gigafactory Shanghai has increased from 750,000 vehicles per year in Q2 to over 950,000 vehicles per year in Q3. Currently, only the new model of Tesla Model 3 is produced at the Shanghai factory. In addition to meeting domestic demand, models produced at this factory are also sold to many countries such as Asia-Pacific and European markets, becoming a cornerstone of Tesla’s production capacity.

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